Sl1k, p1, kbl -- how do i kbl on the slipped stitch?

I have a beautiful pattern that instructs me to slip 1 knit-wise, then purl the next stitch – then knit thru the back loop of the first slipped stitch. Do I slide the purled stitch to the left needle to do this and then slide it back on the right needle when done or do I try and do this while still on the needle resulting in the slipped stitch almost being pulled over the purled stitch?

any ideas?

I see no one has tackled this one yet. :slight_smile: I’ve never heard of such a maneuver. Could you give us the name of the pattern and where it might be found, or a link to it? With such an odd directive you’d think they would explain in a little more detail what they wanted. :eyes:

I tried it a couple of ways. I did slip 1kw, purl one, then put the purl back on the left needle and then making sure the yarn is in back I stuck my left needle into the back of the slipped stitch and knit it. That made it end up with both new loops on the left needle so I slipped them to the right needle. This did something :lol: but I have no idea if it is what they wanted. Doesn’t look too bad, but what I accomplished by doing that I don’t know.

Then I tried sl1kw, p1 and just keeping them both in place and trying to k the slipped stitch through the back loop. I couldn’t really manage it without knitting the 2 tog which it doesn’t say to do.

The first idea seems better. Not much help, but at least some input.

I think this is the cross stitch. What I do with this one is to leave both stitches on the left needle. Work the stitch on the left first leaving it on the needle, then work the stitch next to it on the right and slip both stitches off. I think the stitch should be a knit stitch rather than a purl. Work it both ways and see if it looks like the pictures.