Sl1 pwise

what does it mean and how do I do sl1 pwise??

my pattern also says skp but isn’t different then sl1 pwise?

It means you slip 1 stitch purlwise.

So, you insert your needle into the next stitch as if you were going to purl it, and then you slip it to the other needle, instead of purling it.

[B]sl1 pwise[/B] means to insert your needle as if to purl it and slip it to the right needle without purling it.

[B]skp[/B] means to slip, knit, pass. This is a decrease. It means you will slip one stitch, knit the next stitch, then pass the slipped stitch over the knitted stitch. There is a video here showing you how to do it. It’s the 3rd one down on the right hand side.

My pattern says sl 3 pwise wyif what does this and how is it done?

Bring the yarn to the front between the needles as if to purl, insert your right needle into the next st on the left needle as if you were going to purl, but instead of purling, pass the st to the right hand needle. Do this with the next 2sts. The result is 3sts slipped purlwise (sl 3 pwise) with yarn in front (wyif).