Sl 1 pw wyf?

ok, I am using a chart, and it clearly states on the 1st st to slip 1 purlwise with yarn in front. Ok I got that, but the next stitch is to be knitted. So I switched the yarn to the back and got on with the pattern. Only problem is - as I continue the rows, it pulls up all the previous rows as if it were cinching them. Some of the rows call for this stitch on the end of the row and some on the beginning. It is a pattern of Orenburg lace from Knitting Traditions. I ripped it 3x already! Help please:

You should slip the stitch at the beginning of the row and work the last stitch (either knit or purl according to your directions). Or you can work the first stitch and slip the last but if you do both, it’ll certainly pucker the knit fabric. Can you give us a link to the pattern?

I would love to send you a link but I don’t know how. It is out of a magazine I have purchased, it is not digital. Knitting Traditions, Fall 2012. This will take you to a pic of it on Ravelry, not much help.

I really wonder if I am doing the slip st correctly? I have watched a dozen online videos of a slip st, and I am sure I understand the stitch itself, I just don’t know if I am going on to the next stitch in the correct manner. That is where I think I am going wrong.
I just don’t know how to fix the way I am wrapping the yarn around the needle.

You shouldn’t be wrapping the yarn around the needle, just move it between the needles.

You slip the stitch from the left needle to the right with the yarn in front (or just hanging down loosely at the edge) as if you’re going to purl. That’s putting the right needle into the stitch from the right toward the left. Then the yarn goes between the needles to the back so you can knit the next stitch. As long as you don’t slip at both ends, it really shouldn’t pucker the edge. Even if you keep the yarn at the back when you slip, it won’t pucker the edge. It’ll just give a bit of a bump on the edge.
Beautiful scarf! I love the look and techniques in Orenburg.

To slip a stitch, just move it from one needle to another. But you slip only the first stitch of every row, and knit or purl the last stitch. If you’re slipping both the first and last stitches they won’t get knit. And for a shawl, you might skip the slipping - since it spans two row, it could make the edge tighter and interfere with stretching it when blocking.

Thank you all for the help-I am going to try again this afternoon. I don’t want to give up on this pattern…

[B]I just don’t know how to fix the way I am wrapping the yarn around the needle.[/B]

This has been bothering me, I obviously don’t understand. When are you wrapping the yarn around the needle? For the wyif it’s just moving the yarn between the needles and not over or around one, isn’t it? That’s all I can think you’re referring to. I’m easily confused though so that’s probably why I’m the only one not getting it.

I really meant to say I was passing the yarn in between the needles. Sorry I did not state it in the correct way, it was late at night, I should have gone to bed slept on it.
I have gone over all the video links, and I will be starting on in after dinner. lol what is life without a few bumps on your road. If this is the worst thing that happens to me this week, I will be thanking the Lord for blessings…

OK, that makes sense. I’ve just reworked for the umpteenth time a sweater collar because I kept making mistakes and not getting them fixed right. Today’s attempt so far is going much better. I’m sure you’ll get it.

Well ladies, I solved my problem. I was doing the sl st correctly. I was reading the chart incorrectly!!! I misunderstood an experienced knitter, when she explained how to read a chart!!! Duh… That is my boo-boo for the week.
Thank you all for trying to be of assistance.