Skull and kniting needles t-shirt?


I saw someone wearing a skull and knitting needle t-shirt the other day and I WANT ONE!!! I googled it and there are several ones out there but I want one from who ever was the original designer. I want them to get my money, not some copycat. Does anyone know where I should buy mine? Does anyone have one and is the t-shirt good quality???


I don’t know how you’d find the original, but there’s a bunch here.


So many t-shirts to choose from! I’ll never decide!! They are great!!!

This is the one I’m getting when I have a little extra money.

Oh dear, not another site where I can collect t-shirts from!

I own several nerd shirts from already!

I can feel my wallet getting lighter… -_-

Yup, that’s the one I’ve got. And, I might add, it’s been approved (of) by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I was wearing it when I saw her in Santa Rosa and she told me she liked it!