SKP abbreviation

Came across a new abbreviation- skp- My pattern does not address this. So googling I think I’m supposed to slip 1 (purlwise) k1 and then pass slip stitch over knit stitch. I’ve checked out the stitch count and will end up with 65 stitches doing the skp (like I think) and that’s what I’m supposed to end up with. Isn’t this just like ssk. I’m sure there must be some difference but I’m clueless.

Skp is a left leaning decrease to mirror the right leaning k2tog. Usually the slip is done knitwise to prevent it being twisted when passed over the one that you’ve knit. In case you’re interested in comparing left leaning decreases here’s a video.


I tend to ssk (slip knit wise, slip purl wise, k2tog through the back loop) when a pattern has skp because I prefer how it looks. It depends on the yarn too as some look fine with skp but when I used slippery cotton the skp looked ugly and the ssk looked neater.


Wonderful video. Who knew, so many ways. Thanks

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If you prefer doing your decrease in a different way than the pattern specifies you can do it the way you prefer. There may be exceptions when you really need to do what the pattern says but I haven’t found them.