Skirt/ yarn substitution suggestions?

I’m ready to try something besides socks & felted bags (I hope!) and would like to try this skirt for my daughter:

Does anyone have good yarn substitution suggestions for this skirt? I don’t know anything about yarn other than wool REALLY does shrink and just because mom makes socks from Red Heart yarn, doesn’t mean I have to! :wink:

I’m not sure about using the Berroco yarn - mostly because it says “hand-wash” and as my daughter says of Dry-Clean Only tags: “it’s either ruined or dirty!” I would like all my effort not to get ruined the first time bf does their laundry…although come to think of it, it’s more likely to get ruined on the day she has to do laundry…but that’s another subject :slight_smile:

Any helpful suggestions on educating laurie on yarn would be most appreciated!! I showed her the link and she liked the colorway pictured and then said something about raspberry :slight_smile:

Laurie in Maine

If you still want to use wool you could always use “superwash”. Machine washable…not sure if Berroco has one but there are plenty of good substitutes.