Ski/face mask pattern?

Someone gave me some camo colored yarn and now my son wants me to knit him a face mask type of hat. You know, the ones with holes for the eyes and mouth. I have printed out an online pattern for one he likes, but the directions are hard for me to figure out and waaaaay too complicated for me.

Does anyone here have a pattern for a ski or face mask or know of one I could download online?? NOT girlie looking please!!! I have made hats in the round, using dpns and circs. Any suggestions at all will be helpful.

Thanks so much!

this one’s pretty funny:

Here’s one and it has more info on her blog about the eye holes. The design is added later so it can be knit plain.

Thanks so much for all those patterns! I saved them all in ‘Favorites’ and will have my son take a look at them. I know he likes the ones with eyes/nose and mouth seperate, so maybe I can adapt the Panda one or just add eyes to one of the others.

Thanks again!!!