Skew sock anyone?


I’ve never participated in a knit along let along started one…Mainly b/c my knitting time is really limited. HOWEVER, many moons ago I bought some handpainted yarn to make my hubby socks. It was spun and painted in Blacksburg, VA home of his beloved alma mater Virginia Tech and in the colors of VT. About 1" from finishing the socks I just ripped them out and balled up the yarn. I didn’t like any part of them. He has not forgotten and told someone the other day that he would be wearing them in his coffin…

Now that you feel bad for me would you like to knit along with me on these Skew socks I found on Ravelry? I’ve never done them before so it would be a learned curve as I am used to magic-loop two at a time.


These have been on my Will I Do It? list for a long time. My biggest concern is fit. I read that they fit like a 60 st sock on sz. 2 needles and that I wouldn’t like. If I decide to make them I’ll have to use sz. 0 needles. Maybe with someone else to KAL with I could manage them.

PM me if I don’t post to this thread again to make sure I’ve not forgotten, accidentally on purpose maybe. OK? I should at least let you know if I decide not to go ahead and start.


I’ve made these socks and they’re lots of fun to knit. Once you get to the heel, you blindly follow the directions and with the important help of markers, it all works out!
Auburnchick was the first one I saw post on these socks.


That pair is before my time here. I think it was another pair Auburnchick posted that put them on my Can I/Will I Do It list. Can you show us yours?


OH NO ! I just pulled the printed pattern off the printer and read it…I guess I presumed there would be instructions for adjusting the size or that I could figure it out on my own. As I said I want to make them for my husband and you most certainly does not fit into a women’s 8 1/2 ! He wears a men’s 12/13, high instep, and 10.5" circumference.
I have written the designer to see if in the 3yrs since publishing Skew she has written any instructions for adjusting size.


Salmonac having made these do you have thoughts on if it would be possible to increase the circumference? I wrote the designer and she returned a link to her blog for an 84 stitch modification. I am still not sure that would be big enough for the hubs foot and the yarn cannot take another frogging.


Would you post the link to the blog, please? I’d like to look.


It would be easy enough to make the foot wider but adjusting the heel for the increased sts isn’t straightforward. You could see if you’re getting a larger gauge with your yarn or if you can go up a needle size to make them larger. You could try out the heel with the number of extra sts you’ll need using some scrap yarn and see if you can get the markers placd correctly for the heel.
I gave the socks away quite some time ago, GG.


this should take you to here blog. I don’t think 84 stitches would be big enough for the hubs. I was hoping since this post mentions that she will be writing a new pattern with sizes that perhaps that had happened in the 3yrs since the original post…