Skates: Inline or Quad Style?

I suddenly have this overwhelming need to buy skates…:teehee: I’m getting back to exercising, and yesterday while walking around my driveway (it’s poured concrete and about like a jogging track in size & length…it’s all wooded, so it’s quite nice to walk in)…So as I’m jamming to some of my favorite awesome Gospel music & walking I suddenly realized this would be a [B]whole[/B] lot more fun on skates. :cheering:

Mind you, I haven’t skated in over 20 years & I’ll probably bust my butt, but I always loved it. Back then we only had the quad style skates, you know, 2 wheels on each side…and upon looking online I see they are coming back (perhaps):

But since inline skates are now an option, and I’ve never skated on them, I’m afraid to buy them and not be able to handle it. I know I can handle the quads.

So which should I get??? :hmm: Is it possible the inlines are easier to balance upon? Easier to skate on? It seems the old quad-style might be harder on the ankles than the inlines. But that’s just conjecture on my part. Anyone experienced in both?

I did a lot of ice skating as a kid in Canada, would that be comparable to inlines in the way you skate? If so I’m in trouble, because I never could stay on those blades! But then again the wheels are a lot wider than the blades :wink:

On a funny note, this will probably end up being a test of wills between DH & I. You see, he’s quite cautious and thinks skating is dangerous. I agree, and I’m a clutz, but that’s never stopped me before. What’s life without a few broken bones eh?!? LOL! JK.

I have roller blades, those skates that have wheels all in one line, directly underneath the feet. My ankles are pretty weak, but the skates have a hard boot to them, so ankle weakness isn’t really an issue when wearing them. If this is the type you’re considering, just make sure that the boot part fits your feet really well, nice and snug. The boot part will have various straps and such, make sure that they can be adjusted to fit around your ankle and lower leg very snugly. And, while you’re there trying them on, make sure to invest in all the needed protection from falls, like elbow/knee/wrist supports, and most definitely a helmet! Have fun!

Debra in NC

[in-line or quad to skate on] my driveway (it’s poured concrete)

In-line or roller blades are the same thing and much like ice skates. They do have a hard plastic boot so ankle strength might not be such an issue.

For safety gear, I’d consider the full hockey pads! One fall on your but may end your fitness plans for the season. :oo:

Seams and bumps: I found the in-line are better on rough surfaces than the quads. I think that is because of the difference in size, shape, and material of the wheels.

Crossed Fingers and :thumbsup:[/color]

I was afraid you guys were going to recommend the safety gear. Aren’t I too old to think they are un-cool?!? LOL! I was thinking I hope the neighbors don’t see me in that getup!

LOL! I guess you’re never too old to be stupid! I’ll get the gear! It will be my bargaining chip with hubby, I know he’ll appreciate it.

Now…the rollerblades don’t have that stopper in front right? How do you stop the darn things? Not that that would be a problem, plenty of large trees around to stop me if necessary.

Do you mean what will the neighbors think other than… :roflhard:

Consider what will they think if they see you sporting “road rash?” :sad:

Better the funky “getup” than the “I can’t get up!” :wink:

Have you seen the Halloween decoration “witch hits tree?” :slight_smile:

The ones I’ve seen have the stopper on the back. I guess there are a lot of toe draggers out there?

Are there any brands you guys recommend???

In-line skates are way more fun ! I bought a pair as they were first starting to get popular in the early 90’s and LOVE them !!! I grew up on rollerskates, started with the metal ones that clipped over my shoes and gradually moved on to other pairs. Rollerblades have the break in the back and they handle road bumps much better IMO than a standard rollerskate.
While I was completing my residencies and couldn’t take my bike with me to different places I took my rollerblades. I’ve been all over NC and Texas on rollerblades.
As for safety gear…I’ve never worn any and I still have all my appendages, never even broke a bone. I wear a helmet when mountain biking and full gear on the motorcycle, but rollerblading I just never really got into gear. If you are willing to wear gear a helmet and wrist guards are most likely the most important.

Boy, you are a rebel! At least your avatar has safety gear. LOL! :hug:

Haha - don’t know that I’m a rebel, I just don’t like wearing a bunch of exta stuff. I laugh b/c as the hubby gets older he is more and more into gear. He wants me to wear a helmet when we snow ski (he bought one for himself) and know wants me wearing my PFD everytime we kayak (I typically stuff it behind me for a back rest).

Let us know if you buy rollerblades and what you think of them. Where we live there’s not much rollerblading territory, the big hting here is mountain biking. I miss my rollerblades