Skateboarder's Hat

Hi! :waving:

I was asking a friend what I could make for a teenage boy we both know and she said he was a skateboarder and would probably like something like a “Dooby Hat”. Is that one with earflaps?

Is there actually a special style hat beloved of skateboarders? Is there a pattern that anyone knows of?

I’d really appreciate your help!

Thanks a bunch! :clink:


Never heard of a Dooby hat. I’m thinking of a knit hat with a visor though might be the right thing. :think:

Usually skateboarders wear a kind of beanie knit hat. If there’s a skate shop near you, drop in and take a look at the styles.

First thing that popped to my mind was the skully hat that Slim just knit

I was thinking that a skateboarder would probably just like a skull cap.

Hi :slight_smile: More of a lurker here, but had to jump in on this one. My hubby is an avid skater…but he’s 35…he’d be the plain jane beanie kind. The ear flaps would still be “cool”…however a younger skater I would say would love the beanies with a rim (someone posted some great links) or even a plain one with a pattern on it of sorts (skull and crossbones etc). Stick with darker colors chocolate, black, maybe a dark blue or even deep grey. He’ll love it! My DH sometimes even wears his beanies in the summer as it changes the way his helmet fits. He’d prefer to not wear a helmet, but some skate parks require it, so he can still be comfy, not sweaty and “look cool.” :teehee:

I don’t have any patterns as I’m a brand spankin new knitter, but boy does lurking here make me wanna knit like a pro right now so I can do some of this stuff too! Back to my blanket I’m practicing on. :knitting:

Hi, I agree with Crispie, I’m a lurker, too, and complete newbie. She’s one up on me in that she’s already started on a blanket! Have yet to select my needles. I wonder if the person was suggestion a “dobby hat”? I’m not familiar with either terms, but I came across a couple differing examples on a search:

My BIL is also a skater (older than Crispie’s DH), but I’m far from knitting a hat right now. :wink: