Sizing infant/children's hats

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I didn’t see this covered… I’m hoping someone can help me.

I’ve been wanting to make a hat for a friend’s baby (she turns 1 today!! but hat would be winter/holiday gift later). I’ve made hats for adults before no prob… and I’m finding free patterns online for newborns and children (post toddler) but not finding so much in those middle years.

I know the simple solution is to ask said friend to measure her baby’s head but I wanted this to be a surprise. So I am looking for patterns or sizing charts for kids.

How do I size a hat for a 1-2 year old. At what point does a child’s head equal that of an Adult Small (19")? (Can you tell I’m not a parent?) The pattern I saw for newborn said finished size was 16". I think I want something between that (17-18")? I could add or subtract stitches and figure out pattern but it would sure be nice if there was already a chart somewhere!

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Does this help?

Yes! it does. Thank you. I’ll still have to do some math or figger’un for gauge/#st to start with but now I have a better idea what size head I’m aiming for.

Okay - related follow-up question:

How long/tall for a 1-2 yr old hat? I’ve found this other size list. Freaked out by the woman at MLYS (her child was born with 19" head), I am following this size (from chart linked above):
[color=green]Toddler - preschooler (12 months - 3 years) Hat height = 8"
Head Circumference: 18" to 20"[/color]
and making a 19" hat (19.3" with 58st. @3st/in).

It sounds like I should make it 8" long but that would normally include decrease shaping at the top, wouldn’t it? I am reworking this pattern which has a sudden close (and making a four-cornered hat not three). Right now I’m at 7" and it looks huge. I was thinking I should end at 7.5-7.75" instead?

I know that close-seam will take some fabric off the head but should the length really be 8"? Just double-checking since I don’t have a kidlet to wrangle and size the hat.
try this page, she has LOTS of free patterns. I have a 2year old who’s head is now 20" but he’s always had a big noggin. Hope it helps

Thanks jberry. That’s actually the site I list above that gives the size charts, including length. ([color=green]Toddler - preschooler (12 months - 3 years) Hat height = 8"; Head Circumference: 18-20"[/color])

I’m not looking for a pattern so much as making sure the size charts from Bevscountrycottage sounds right - specifically the length of a hat for 1-2yr/toddler age (8").

I’m creating a new top to this three cornered hat (into a four-cornered hat) but the end is similar in that it does not decrease like a cap. It has a sudden close with the full number of stitches… so this tube looks huge and long and I’m second-guessing the 8" info on chart.

Is 8" height/length sound right for [any] toddler-size hat? And do you think that holds true if I’m not doing a decrease top?

the hat I made is 8" total height, 5" before the decrease rows, it’s a little big on him i.e. can be pulled over his eyes. for it to fit just right the total height should be about 5 1/2"-6" I think she means for the 8" hats to have a good bit folded up like a cuff.

okay that [5.5-6"] “looks” more right. Right now I’m at 7" and it looks ridiculuosly big… :lol: I couldn’t imagine adding another inch. It’ll turn into a chef or pope’s hat soon, or something Seussical.

I know some of the length can be the decrease (top of head) of a regular cap but still that’s such a small part of the overall length. Maybe with a ‘flat’ close (non-decrease) I can get away with 6.5" total? Or maybe I should shoot for 7" total since the bottom could be turned up (cuff) even though it’s not pictured/designed that way. I figure the close will take approximately 2 rows (1/2"). So maybe 6.5" then close? I dunno it might work with 6" then close… :thinking: :XX:

When I figure this out once and for all I’ll be glad of my Grand Experiment. Until then - thanks for your patience and support!!!

ETA: jberry - super thank you for mentioning the pattern part of that website! It’s not readily obvious from the size-chart page I found.

Feedback - okay, so I was shooting for 6-6.5" length (the newborn length of the pattern I’m following is 6.5" :?eyebrow: ). The corner-closure does take up about 0.25-0.5" depending. I made a four-cornered hat instead of three and I’ve gotta say, I don’t like it as much. I think I’ll backtrack and make a three-corner hat afterall. So much for trying to create something “new.”

jberry found this chart which I find very, very useful as it has lengths as well as circumference: folded ribbed-brim hat (pdf).
THANK YOU jberry!
Here’s a related chart by the same person: Rolled-brim hat (pdf).

Hopefully having those charts linked in this thread (four?) will help someone else too. Thanks all!

ETA: First chart link (above): standard head sizes
Second link (above): Bev’s country chart