Sizing for infant/toddler

I’m knitting a simple little garter stitch sweater for my 1-year-old grandson. Using a free pattern on called[I] Patrick’s First Jacket.[/I] It’s pattern #70623AD if it will help to look at it. Anyway, it’s my first clothing item and I don’t know whether or not to use the size 12 month or 18-24 month pattern. Evan wears a size 12-18 month (tee shirts are usually a 12 month, but she bought him an 18 month size fleecy pullover). I would go with the 18-24 month size, but I’m afraid the 24-month part will swallow him. It’s a cute sweater, but not cute enough to have to fit him for years as an “heirloom”–just trying cute and simple for my first item. She says she measured him around the chest (over the boobies) and he measured 20", but that doesn’t sound right because the 0-6 month size is for finished chest size 23. Please help–can you tell I don’t know what I’m doing?

The main difference between toddler sizes is in length, the chest sizes aren’t that different. Go with the 24 mo and while he might have to have the cuffs rolled up this year, should still be able to wear it next year. The finished sizes have a little ease built into them so they can wear them over other clothes, you don’t want it the exact size as their measurement or it’ll be too constricting.

This baby size chartshould help you a little, remember, these are body measurements, not clothing measurements and you want items 3-4" larger than the chest measures. (babies don’t have ‘boobies’ they have chests). He seems to be on the large size as his 20" is the given measurement for a 24 mo old child.

Okay, so I’m a ditzo–always had problems with the sewing part of Home Ec in the old days!!! What you said makes perfect sense, I just didn’t want it to fall off him. His birthday party was today and he got clothes from size 1 (camo jacket w/ finished chest of 26 to 2 year old stuff). I’m just a perfectionist and I want him to be able to wear it this year. With it being my first clothing project, I know it won’t be perfect, but I’ll make him another one when I get more talented (maybe next year). So with the 20" chest (I knew he didn’t have “boobies”, but I was trying to explain to her where to measure), you’d go definitely go with the 18-24 month size, start stitching and move on??? When I gauge it here in a few minutes I may have to ask for your help with interpretation of adding or deleting stitches anyway.

Oh yes make the larger size. It would only really be big enough to ‘fall off’ him if it was a size 4 or 6. And I bought my 18 mo old oldest son (who now has a daughter that age) a 4T winter coat. We had to roll up the sleeves and the hem was about to his knees the first year, but he was able to wear it 2 winters. Then it had a year off and his little brother got to wear it for 2 more winters.

If it turns out too big there is always the option of some sewing :slight_smile:

Make the sleeves too long, the bottom edge, too. And if it really looks strange, fold them up (once only, maybe twice so it does not create the tightness of rolling) and sew it in place. Best use some funny color contrast yarn and make nice stitches. Then it looks like part of the design. As soon as he grows: pull that out and it becomes bigger.