Not having young children myself to check sizes when knitting or crocheting hats or ear warmers can anyone give me some guidelines please. The charts I have found online say 9-10 yrs 22 in circumference . This seems a bit large to me because adult is also 22” but of corse as I stated not have younger ones to try on work not sure. Each individual can vary but a starting point would be appreciated. :yarn:

Check Bev’s Country Cottage. Deduct 1.5” for negative ease (stretch). That’s noted on the first size in the list, but not the rest!

Ty Beth. This chart is one I haven’t found and will be very helpful. Happy knotting to you. :yarn:

I’ll just say that I was about that age when I outgrew a fairly new cowboy hat, and we gave it to the owner of the ranch down the canyon. So the head size could be that! My adult head size is 22 3/4".