Size US 35 needles

i recently acquired size 35 US needles. they are HUGE, and I have no idea what types of things they are good for making (or what type of yarn to use)! :thinking: any suggested (easy) projects would be much appreciated! i’m a beginner (all i’ve made are scarves), so similar things would be best! thanks!!!

The only thing I have seen patterns using these needles are multi-stranded projects, often with one or more novelty yarns. The larger needles are more suited to the novelties IMO since they don’t snag and the larger stitches are much easier to work this way. HTH.

I bought some 25’s to make a sweater in THIS magazine. Quite a few projects in there call for those needles. Need BIG yarn though :slight_smile:

I made a baby blanket in a box pattern–basically a garter edge and alternating squares of knit or purl using 4 strands of yarn. Talk about fast!