Size needle for man's sock using Regia?

Because knitting has suddenly encouraged in me some previously unknown tendency toward ADD, I am thinking I need to start some socks for my husband in addition to trying to finish a Louisa Harding pattern scarf in ribbon yarn (which I now hate) and a sweater ( back nearly finished, and I have never knitted a sweater before). So…needless to say, I have never knit socks, either. I do have some Regia (Patch Antik) yarn that is calling out to me, though. It has no info on gauge at all. So what size needle do I need to use to start this? I have looked at umpteen million sock patterns, and am thinking I am going to use " Basic Formula for Men’s Socks" by Jamie Campbell that assumes a person knows what size needles to use with selected yarn. Not me! Suggestions, please! Sally

I just found some of that yarn on eBay and it said 2-3mm needles, so that would be approx US0-2, whichever one gives you the right gauge. Good luck!!

I would knit a gauge swatch if I were you. Good Luck.