Size 50 plastic needles

I tried knitting with them and found them almost impossible. My yarn kept sticking to the needles. Finally gave up and returned them to the store.

Has anyone tried these huge needles?

[color=indigo]Hi Anne,

I have had very good results with the Lion Brand Speed Stix (US 50). Mine go not stick, but I always buff out plastic needles of any size with a superfine sandpaper or a heavy nail buffer. Give this a try and see if they improve. Sometimes plastic needles ship with a slightly elevated, rough mold seam running longitudinally.



I’ve never tried to actually knit with them, though I’ve used them for broomstick lace.

I used them to make a baby blanket and didn’t have to many problems with them but I had problems with the yarn which is probably why I didn’t notice any problems with the needles. The hardest part was that the needles were not long enough and I had to cram stitches on ot it but the blanket certianly did knit up quickly!

Yep, I find working with size 50s a pain in the hiney. Feel like I’m trying to xxx with mittens on. :teehee: One idea to “slick up” your needles, if you are using a yarn that can be washed, try rubbing the needles with a little waxed paper. Should smooth them up but not leave too much residue behind.

Is there a wood size 50 needle that anyone knows of? :??

Thank you for responding. :muah:

I think wood would be too heavy to knit with comfortably. But, then again, size 50’s will never be comfortable, will they? Don’t know where they sell them, but you could try making your own from a broomstick or a large wooden dowel! (check the size first) You’d have to widdle it and sand it.

Believe it or not I once widdled my own large crochet hook when I was a kid! It totally worked.

[color=indigo]Hi Anne, has line of handmade maple circular needles in size 19 to 50, including many uncommon sizes besides 35 and 50. I have a pair of the 50s; they are very high quality, but I find the needle point, although nicely sharp, too short to effectively pick up 3 strands of yarn. BUT, they are very nice needles for use with selected yarns. The actual manufacturer is Ed Jenkins at



I did not think about wood 50’s being heavy. I think your right Amy.
What size dowels would i look for? How does one measure a dowel to make your own? Now i sound stupid :wall:

[color=indigo]US size 50 needles will be a 1" dowel. US size 35s will be a 3/4" dowel. Be sure to make the point slopes as long as those on the Lion Brand; any shorter will not pick up multiple strands of bulky yarn.


Thank you. Won’t hurt to try.