Size 25 needles!

For the life of me, I just can’t fathom what kind of yarn you’d need to use size 25 needles or what you’d make… maybe an afghan?? What would one make with size 25 needles?? I didn’t even know they were made that big until I saw them at my LYS the other day…


i have seen size 35 and i am pretty sure they make size 50. i think there is even a book out there for big needle knitting. i know Lion Brand makes some patterns that are specifically for use with their speed sticks which i believe are a size 35. i think afghan would be the most practical use …or a rug maybe.

I believe it was one of the Debbies that had a picture of her in England last year for the WWKIP day where one of the girls was knitting with ginormous needles. They look like tree trunks to me!

I will refrain from telling everyone what my husband said when HE saw me holding them in my hand, contemplating what one would make with them. :rofling: :roflhard:

I had considered buying them just for the sake of trying them out. Maybe I should… I’ve been wanting to do an afghan. Anyone know of any free patterns that use that size needle?

lol i don’t think it takes much imagination to figure out what he said and all i can say is that those ends are POINTY! :shock:

hrmm…i would check out the lion website. i hate going there because i am too lazy to deal with remembering my log in for their patterns but i am sure they have some stuff on there. and i think that book is called “Big Knitting”…that’s what sticks out in my head anyway. otherwise i would think you could adapt just about any pattern to work with them… :thinking:

Here’s a pattern that came from the Lion website that uses size 50 and size 17 needles.

5-Hour Raglan Sweater

I also have a vintage pattern that uses size 35 needles. The vest is VERY chunky, and not the beautiful thing in the world.

Here are some more choices for ya! :wink:

4 Hour Baby Afghan

Speed Stix Afghan

Evergreen Afghan

Waterfall Throw

Quick Knit Throw

Super Quick Afghan

Textured Treasure Afghan

yeah that red white and blue vest is delightfully patriotic and frightfully ugly alllll at the same time! :wink:

I kind of like the blue/green vest… :blush:

I’ve made a baby blanket with the huge needles. It uses 4 strands of yarn–just a basic knit/purl block pattern with a garter edge. You can whip one of those babies up in an evening.

Like Ingrid, I’ve used US 50s to make a baby blanket. The needles were huge but I whipped that blanket out in four hours, just like the pattern said!

I have a friend who knit a hat on US35 needles by mistake…the pattern called for US17 needles and she bought 17mm needles instead. Her hat was ginormous. :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:


:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I almost made that mistake myself when I first started knitting…the whole US/mm size thing threw me! I still double-check to make sure I’m reading correctly :wink:

I actually bought size 35 at Joanne’s a few weeks ago because they were on clearance for $1. I thought what the heck! No clue what I’ll be making with them, but at least I have a pair!! :smiley:

OH cool! Thanks for all those patterns! That decides it! I’m going out tonight after DH gets home from work and getting myself a pair of those needles and making my afghan with them! :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

There was a huge pair like that around here at one point. I’m pretty sure they were at least size 50 (they seemed bigger in my memory, but I’m not sure if there’s anything bigger than that out there?)…

The little boys stole them to use as swords… :rollseyes:

I’m going to remember this for the next time I need a quick baby gift! :thumbsup:

I LOVE big needles. I have made many scarves with size 35 and my bonus-daughter has made the most beautiful shawl with size 50’s - it was so lacy and gorgeous! I love them because the projects go SOOOO quick - as you can imagine.

I’ve got broomstick lace needles in the same sizes – aren’t these needles just essentially broomstick lace needles that come in a pair rather than singly?

I thought it was kind of funny, too, that one of the craft stores I go to was selling broomstick lace needles for $2/per and these huge knitting needles for $8.99/pair…and as near as I could tell, they were the same thing other than the number in the package.

Did anyone see the Fall/Winter 05 issue of Vouge Knit’s Knit.1?? “The Men’s Issue”? With a CENTERFOLD?!?!?!!??!!! :shock: Of this delectable shirtless hottie “knitting” with size FIFTY needles?? tee hee Don’t know HOW I ended up with TWO copies of that one!! :??

I know that Lion Brand does have quite a few patterns for size 35 and 50 needles, but I much prefer using them for photo shoots!