Site Wonkiness?

How come when I click “View posts since last visit” and I start on one, and then click back to see the rest it says "No topics or posts met your search criteria"
And this happens when I use the search feature too. I’ll search and have a few pages of topics, and when I click on the second page, or click “next” it tells me the same thing “no topics or posts met your search criteria”

Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone else get this? :??

That would be annoying. I don’t have an answer, but I hope it gets fixed. Same line, why is it that I get an error saying that the site cannot be found about half the time?

That error happend to me yesterday morning and this morning and it kept popping up both days till 3 p.m. (in the Netherlands). It’s really frustrating, because most of my day is already over before I can get here.

Does anyone have an idea about what’s going on?

I haven’t been getting that message but last night I couldn’t get in or this morning cause it kept coming up with Debug Mode page… :shrug:

I got it part of yesterday and again earlier this morning. :wall:

yes it makes me panicky! :verysad: :verysad: :verysad: :verysad:

:teehee: :wink:

I couldn’t get into the site last night, I almost had a panic attack! YIKES!

Yea, I went through withdrawal last night :slight_smile:

I was having trouble last night with the site as well. I could view the front page, but all the other froze. Glad to see all is well now!

BOTH problems should be fixed now. Sorry for the problems!

LET ME KNOW if problems persist.


Me, too; Me, too! LOL, we need, we need our KH fix :teehee:

Hi everyone!

Just so you know, Amy has been notified of all the wierdness going on; she and Sheldon are going to have it fixed ASAP!

It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to know that missing your daily (hourly? :teehee:) KH dosage causes concern; it just goes to prove what a loving, and supportive—albeit addictive and enabling—community we have here. :heart:


It SHOULD be all set.

Further problems will need to be pointed out, or we may not be aware of them. So let me know if anything else goes wrong!


Hourly? :oops:

We know who we are :flirt:

Thanks Amy!!! :muah: :cheering:

I actually get to work early some mornings, just so I can diddle around on the site for a while, so the last two days I’ve been going through withdrawals in the mornings!!

I completely understand. I have to check in at least once a day. I ALWAYS learn something here everyday. I love being a part of this online community of awesome knititers.
:heart: :heart: :heart:

I was starting to get a complex. At the same time this was going on, I couldn’t get into my own blogger account, either. I had a big question mark over my head wondering what in the world I did wrong!