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I know some folks really like an archive but I find sometimes when I am looking around this site that new folks are commenting on 12 or 15 years old threads, is there some way for the owner or mods to set up a way back machine and clear the older stuff and folks who like recent discussions and folks would have to search for info from the older content on purpose. I have not been active lately because I haven’t knit anything. But I had a moment to look at the site and found that happened again.
:clinking_glasses: happy new year’s to all the knitters

Thanks for the suggestion, Mykidcanknit. I’ll pass along your suggestion to IT.

The benefit of having older stuff available is that it sometimes helps out those who are looking for help with a specific pattern. There’s often a post saying that these knitters had a similar problem and appreciated the replies. And of course, there are spammers who pick up on posts bringing them to the top of the queue even after the spammer has been banned.

Have you tried clicking on the 3-bar menu button on the upper right and selecting “Latest”? It won’t help with all posts but it does bring the most recent posts to the top.

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I think I have latest myself but I do notice folks maybe new answer really old threads it not a major problem.

I would add that knitting (&
Crochet) are both old arts and newly found interests. This means your question and suggestion is both valid but also may included some unexpected side effects.

Perhaps if the date on old posts included a full four digit year it would be clear enough for new members to recognize an old thread?

I thought of some questions that may help the IT person address your concerns:

How do you most often view this site; is it by mobile or desktop?

Do you have a preference of how you search for new posts? (New or latest, etc…)

I hope this is helpful to both you and the site team.

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I mostly use my phone, so mobile and I usually hit the new or unread threads unless someone has responded to my or a thread I commented on.
I guess I in-vision a partition. So threads over I don’t know 5 ( or 7 or 2) years old or something, are searchable and readable but closed. And if someone has a question that the archives can answer they read it but if they want to ask a question or comment on that topic they would start a new thread. Then you don’t have new folks pulling up 2009 threads commenting toward the original poster ect.
It would also make the lounge and what’s for dinner threads more fun because they be current.
I enjoy the site I just had :thought_balloon: :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, @Mykidcanknit, and @OffJumpsJack as well. You both have great suggestions. Ultimately it is the forum software that would need changing, and we didn’t design it, though we like it a lot and chose it over other ones. I wouldn’t put it past @sheldon to be able to hack the program to make such changes, but it would be a lot of work, and I feel it too much to ask of him to work on the software if something isn’t outright broken. I hope you understand!

Also, I know it’s a little weird engaging in conversation with participants that aren’t active any more, many of whom have long since changed their email addresses over time or just aren’t set up to get notifications on replies. I rather think it’s just the way things are in forums. If you come across forum software that you think handles this better, we’d be interested to learn about it. Not that we plan to switch any time soon, but if our current software were to get retired, it’s good to know of what ones are favorites.