Sirdar terms are confusing me

Hello all,

Does anyone know the difference between yarn forward and yarn round needle? My pattern is an English (UK) pattern and is noting them as two separate things.

It also notes yarn back and yarn front, so I know yarn forward is not meant to imply bringing the yarn to the front of my work.

Any online references would be great!

Thanks fellow knitters


Have a look at this:

Hope it helps,

let me explainKnit did a very good job of explaining the execution and or function of the yarn forward (yf) and yarn around needle (yrn). I would just like to add that the technique is in relationship to the stitch that will proceed the action of yf/yrn. If you purl than you would generally see yrn because you need the yarn in front to make a purl stitch and yf if you will be making a knit stitch (it is an implied thought that you will bring the yarn over the needle and back to make the knit stitch). Also, yf/yrn are often used to replace a stitch in the current row or round that was loss due to either k2tog, ssk, etc. (sometimes you will see this directly after the decrease or further down the row or round).

:cheering: thanks! I hate feeling stuck in knitting!