SIRDAR super soft double knit 3102

I wonder if anyone can help, i am knitting this cardigan and have chosen the v neck cardigan. The pattern says work as for back of round neck ribbed cardigan.

i am finding it hard to get it right, the pattern has 12 rows for the loops but when i get to 27 cms i am going wrong. The pattern said to work 6 rows knit/purl and then start the pattern again so i have a big gap.

if anyone is familiar with this pattern do they know where i am going wrong?



I’m not sure what you mean by a big gap. An opening? Too much stockinette (knit one row, purl one row)?
If you think a photo might help you can use the landscape icon in the middle top of the Reply box.

The instructions for the back say work from “” to “” and then they say knit and purl for 6 rows and then row 7 to 12 gives the pattern you can see at the tope, but it is the six rows in stocking stitch that makes it look wrong.

It’s very beautifully knit. The 6 rows in stockinette look like the photo of the sweater in the link above. There should be 6 rows of stockinette between each lace section. However, it you like the lacy look of the sweater, you could take out the 6 rows of stockinette and continue the lace pattern as you have been doing. It’ll make a lovely cardigan.

There may be a mistake in the way the repeat is defined in this pattern.

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Thanks yes, I think it is a mistake as i was doing the v neck sweater and there is no stockinette in that one. i will take the six rows out and continue that way.

Thanks for your help.


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That sounds like a good way to go. Enjoy working on this adorable sweater and please post a photo when you finish. We love to see finished projects!

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