Sirdar Snuggly 4ply 1373

Can someone please help me? I have 23 stitches.
I am working on the left front. It is telling me to

Work 1 rows Dec 1 at armhole edge in every row AT THE SAME TIME Dec 1 st at neck edge in next and foll 0 row.
21 stitches
Work 1 row without shaping.

Does this mean I decrease both edges of my first row? Then what do I do when it says foll 0 row?

Thanks in advance

Welcome to KH!

Yes, decrease at both edges on your first row. Once you’ve done that you’ll have 21sts.
When there is a 0 (or x or - ) for your size, skip that direction and go on to the next.

Thank you so much. First time knitting in years :blush:

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