Sirdar Snowflake Subs?

I am looking at a pattern that calls for Sirdar Snowflake chunky. I they discontinued Snowflake for a while, then brought it back in DK form, and that if I really want to, I can go seeking to find some on Ravelry or otherwise, but I really don’t want to spend too much time or money on this project (ie, I don’t want to have to pay a load of shipping for a few balls of yarn if I can find something simular elsewhere)

Any ideas of what would be a close match, or is there one out there right now? I haven’t seen anything…

Hi Crycket:

Mary Maxim still has the chunky in a number of colours…Sirdar has new colours listed on their site.


I may have to swing in there then…

I looked at diamond yarns site and it didn’t look like they had too many colours

It is always worth the trip!

not so much for me lately. I have been mostly disappointed the last few times. They always seem to be out of the bear eyes I am looking for, and they keep a mostly acrylic selection of yarn. Which I have slowly been getting away from…

There are some more natural fibres and blends arriving…but because acrylic is less expensive, people tend to gravitate to that…:knitting:

I know…I worked at Herrschners for a year…so I totally get that…
I have just gotten away from using the acrylic stuff.

I like to think, if it is worth knitting, it is worth the few extra dollars to make it nice. I do still use acrylic for baby stuff though. I do appreciate the Caron Simply Soft. But not Red Heart…and even Bernat and Patons are somewhat disappointing…I don’t mind blends, but not 100%. And I have taken a liking to Sirdar…

Sirdar has some beautiful yarns…Patons and Bernat are improving their yarns…The Bernat Satin and Patons Shetland Chunky have has a makeover and are more substantial than the limp product that they has become…I agree - I would rather spent a few extra $ for better quality yarn…keep smilin’:knitting:

That is really good that they are improving some of their yarns. I don’t think I have seen the new and improved Satin…or for that matter the Shetland Chunky. Mind you I never thought the chunky was that limp. Satin was horrible for anything but throws!

I totally hope Sirdar joins the ranks of available yarns in places. It is so much nicer! I have a bunch of escape waiting to be dealt with!

That is nice yarn - I like the click too…:knitting:

I would be hard pressed to find one I didn’t like smiles

Ok…I may stop up for eyes…Gotta have breakfast at Kels!

Oww…I have a question for you…

On the sugar and cream rack there is a hand towel…

Is there a pattern somewhere for that?

Check the patterns on their website.

Yeah…it is not there…

I took a look at it…and I am pretty sure I can mock up something simular. But I looked around the rack, and I didn’t see anything quite like it…but I also didn’t look to hard either.


I have searched rav and general web and still haven’t seen anything that looks quite like it. Again…it is simple, so it shouldn’t be hard to duplicate…but it would be easier to use a pattern…smiles