Sirdar pattern help please!

I’m currently working on a Sirdar pattern, #2195, a cable sweater. I’ve completed the back and both sides, and have just started on the sleeves. I’ve finished the 8 rows of ribbing, and now the pattern says:

1st Row. k10, p2, k3, work from * to * as given for 1st row of back, p2, k10.

2nd Row. P9, k4, work from * to * as given for 2nd row of back, p1, k4, p9.

Okay, so I’ve done these 2 rows, no problem. Now here is where I get confused:

1st and 2nd rows set st-st and cable patt as set (throughout) and starting with 3rd row of patt as given for back between asterisks and working inc sts in st-st inc 1 st at each end of 3rd and every foll 8th row to 59 sts.

So I understand that I’m going to include 2 stitches in row 3, 11, 19, 27, etc., but what stitches do I use leading up to the * to * part? I hope what I’m trying to say makes sense?! :??

What stitches do I use leading up to the * to * part?

It sounds like you would use what you did at the beginning and end of rows 1 and 2 as given there:
Row 1 : k10, p2, k3 then the * to * part and then , p2, k10.

What I don’t get for certain is that the end part of row 1: the-- p2, k10 uses 12 stitches so it seems like the beginning of row 2 would use those same 12 but it uses 13 (P9, k4). The beginning part of row 1 would be the last part of row 2 and they both use 15 stitches so that makes sense.

The pattern says

1st and 2nd rows set st-st and cable patt
. To me that is saying that those first 2 rows set up the pattern you are going to use of where the cable and st st sections go. But like I said they rows don’t seem to match up based on what you said.

I suppose you are doing the same sort of thing that went on on the body of the sweater but I don’t know what that was. Does it make any sense now based on your knowledge of the way the pattern works? If not maybe you will need to tell us what it says in the first 3 rows of the back.

The increased stitches just join the other st sts you have along the edge on each side.