Sirdar pattern design no. 5306 - help please

Hi, I’ve started the above pattern, I’ve completed the back which was pretty simple. I’ve started the front but am struggling. How is the foot on the front leg supposed to look? Instructions are:
Cast on 4 sts, in in 1st st, knit to end, next row purl, increase a couple of times to 9 stiches and pop themm on a stitch holder and then similar again but increasing to 12 stitches. This is followed by work across ALL stiches, total of 21 stitches. I just dont understand what this is supposed to look like and how it fits in with the foot? I did it once, it looked wrong so i’ve undone it and need to start again.
Any help would REALLY be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

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It sounds like joining the stitches and working across the joined sts. The pattern has a seam up the inner leg which is probably where the foot is formed. Read further ahead in the pattern or jump to the end under Finishing to see if that helps with shaping the foot. The smaller number of sts may be the top of the foot and the larger number the sole.

The photos in the Ravelry projects don’t show close-ups of the foot but you can get a glimpse of it in some of them.

Thank you, that definitely helps but I’m struggling to picture it so anxious about starting again. Am going to pop to my local hobby shop in the morning to speak to their knitting expert. Popped in today but she wasn’t there. I just need to envisage it before I start so I have an idea that I’m doing it right, never done anything like this before and thought it looked pretty straightforward, which I’m sure it is! Definitely do not want to give up though!

Does it say which of the colours to work these two parts in? That may help with working out which bit is which as the sole is in the contrast colour.

Sometimes reading patterns is more confusing than just having faith and following what it says. I made slippers for my son and had no idea which bit of the slipper I was working but it turned into a slipper. Admittedly I had help here!

Getting hands on help is ideal. With this foot you’ll be knitting some number of rows on all the sts then likely shaping the leg. At some point you can fold over the foot and leg and pin it so that the seam runs up the inner side of the leg. Once you see it folded and temporarily pinned, it may make more sense.
Let us know how it goes and enjoy working it. It’s darling!

Maybe make a practice sample with some scrap yarn and work as it says, until you’re far enough to see what’s going to happen? I think salmonmac is correct, that you’ll fold it somehow and it will make sense.

Forgive me for sounding negative (not intended). I do not buy Sirdar patterns any more because somehow they are always confusing or do not turn out like shown- like pattern directions are wonky. I have never made a pattern and rely on good instructions, and I understand your frustration. I have been burned twice, so now even if I like a pattern, if it is from Sirdar, I find something else!