Sirdar pattern calls for Rib 1

I’m about to start a sleeveless tank pattern from Sirdar but I’m confused about the instructions.

It states to do “Rib 1, rib2tog, yfwd, rib 2”. What is a Rib1, rib2tog, rib 2? Am I doing K1, P1 as a Rib 1? K1, P1 twice for rib 2? I’m so confused! This is supposed to be an easy pattern.

It means to work 1 st in the rib pattern, then work 2tog for whatever comes next. If you’ve been doing k1, p1 and haven’t decreased any sts yet, then k1, and p2tog if that’s where you are in the pattern. Knit the sts that look like knits, p the ones that look like purls.