Sirdar Pattern Book

I am desparate trying to find the Sirdar Pattern Book 331 - Simple Easy Knits…
I so love the patterns in this book and the one that I did do, i’ve done twice… of course thanks to some help from Salmon mac…:slight_smile: the yarn store where I shop has been kind enough to copy the two patterns I have bought wool for, but copying doesn’t work well with light colours…:confused:

I live in Canada and would prefer to buy it here, if possible, but I’ll take it where I can get it…:laughing:

Any help is greatly appreciated!!! Fingers crossed
John Lewis have it for sale but their international charges are expensive!! Have you tried ebay or amazon? Ebay uk have some for sale as do some online shops like Minerva Crafts(.com) but their int.charges are the same as JLewis at £10 (unless you spend £100 and then p+p is free!!!eek!!)

I found one!!! I contacted the company directly and they sent me to “”. They sent me directly to the link where the book was…:blush:. I ordered it right away… It ended up costinge $40 Canadian, with shipping, handling and conversion, but the book is well worth it. It has lots of really nice patterns in it. I can’t wait for it to arrive…:hugs:. Thanks so much for the suggested places where I could find one. They were greatly appreciated by this knitter…:blush:. BTW, this pattern book is no longer in print, so whatever is out there is all there are… Happy knitting!!! I know I will be…:sweat_smile: