Sirdar blanket 1433

Hi I have a question I’m following a pattern at the moment for a zigzag edges blanket I have done my base triangles but now stuck I was asked to cast of 13 stitches then pick up 13 from next triangle am I meant to pick up from where I have cast of I’m determined to work it out. Thanks x

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This is an interesting entrelac pattern. Usually you pick up sts on the next side of the triangle (or later, the rectangle).

I don’t have the pattern but perhaps this tutorial will help lay out the direction of the next tier of rectangles.

Thankyou for the links it is like entrelac although second tier is only 3 rectangles and I have only to cast of the edge of one triangle I have phoned sidar so waiting for a reply incase there is a typing error.

Is this your pattern? and if so, which one?