Sirdar 10307

I’m really struggling with the instruction, insert needle purlways through back of 2nd st then 1st st and slip both stitches of needle tog, peel next stitch the pass 2 slipped stitches over.

I think I know what it means but it doesn’t look right.

Anyone who can be really basic with me.

It is for a v-neck band.


This is a central double decrease on the purl side. Here is a video I hope it helps.
It can be a bit tricky to squeeze the needle through the back loops if the stitches are tight and it feels a bit awkward taking the needle that way but you get used to it.


I’ve always used a centered double decrease worked from the RS for a V-veck. It’s not so difficult or awkward and it works well in rib.

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Thank you so much.