Single crochet popcorn stitch

How do I make a single crochet popcorn stitch? I have a pattern that says to make 4 single crochet popcorn stitches in the next stitch.
Say what???

Please help!

What’s the pattern? Is it online or in a book? Usually they’ll tell you at the top of the pattern or in the front of the book exactly how to do any special stitches required. I’ve never done a SC popcorn, I’ve only seen DC.

HIya Irish,
Do the instructions say to make 4 popcorns in the next stitch or a 4 stitch popcorn?
To make a popcorn here’s how…
and for arguments sake let’s just say that it’s a 4 stitch popcorn…
4 sc in nxt st. drop loop, insert hook into first sc in st, draw loop through, ch1 to lock popcorn.
That’s how ya do it. You can sub out sc for any crochet stitch.:thumbsup:
This wesbite has great video tutorials. Their popcorn stitch is made with double crochets but I think you can get the concept from teh video then substitute singles for the doubles they show. Hope this helps. I love that site.