Single crochet on a knitting project

My pattern is calling for a single crochet around the outside of my completed knitting project. I haven’t figured out single crochet yet, but I figure I probably can. My problem is, how the heck do you start it on your knitting? My how to book just shows a chain crochet and then single knitting on that so I’m completely stumped as to how to start on a knitting project. do you slip knot on your crochet hook and attach it somehow to the knitting?

Ugh… this is probably a dumb question but I really need some help as it seems that a lot of knitting projects call for a single crochet.


Think of it in terms of what you already know, which is knitting. Look at the piece of knitting you want to put the crocheted edging on, and think to yourself, “Now where would I stick my knitting needle in here if I was going to pick up stitches?” And then that’s where you put the crochet hook. Slip knot on the hook, stick it through the edge of the knit piece, yo the hook, pull it back through, yo, pull through both loops on the hook. Voila!

thanks Yvonne! You make it sound so simple. :lol: I’ll try it tonight after the wee one goes to bed and see if i can’t get it to work. :slight_smile: has videos on how to crochet. I may film my own crochet videos eventually, but until then, their’s are great!

Actually Amy it would be a great idea to do some crochet movies! I’d love to learn and it will be useful as some patterns I want to make call for crochet. So a site about knitting and crochet would be great!

So my vote is ‘make the videos!’

mine too! :smiley: