Singing sheep!

This was on the morning news and I realized that I just had to show you guys.

Those wild and crazy Brits are at it again! Thought some of you might get a kick out of this. For those PETA or other animal rights groups… I sincerely doubt that any sheep were harmed in the filming of this video - the other sheep may well laugh at them now but that’s to be expected!


OMG that was AWFUL! :roflhard:

Oh boy…couldn’t quite make it through that one. :roflhard:

Yeah, me neither!

That was way funny the first time…My son heard the sheep and demanded that I play it three more times. Now I just want to steal their wool. :roflhard:

Can you imagine that everytime your cell rings? :shock:

Can you imagine the humiliation those sheep’s fathers must feel? Must be worse than finding your daughter on a Girls Gone Wild dvd. :doh:

Silver - LOL!!!

:roflhard: :roflhard:

I LIKED IT! :lol:


Even Abi thought it was dumb… (she’s 5).

All I could think was “Mad Sheep Disease.”

:thinking: how did they come up with that?

i didn’t last either