Simply Noro Book 1

I am in love with this sweater:

It’s from the Simply Noro Book 1, designs by Jane Ellison. Does anyone have this book? I’d like to order it online, but want to find out what sizes it’s written for and how much yarn it takes for the larger sizes. I believe it is in Noro Iro.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I don’t know but I am in love with the guy :heart:


the sweater looks very comfortable btw :thumbsup:

I’ve been a very happily married women for 29 years and even I thought the same thing…The guy sure is :inlove: cute!! So is the sweater!! :XX: :XX:

I LOVE all the Noro yarns. I’ve knitted and felted an Entralac bag, then knitted a big, lined tote bag with Noro and just LOVE all the colors and the textures of that yarn.

I lived in Japan for three years but I was not into knitting…when I think of all the fibers I could have gotten…I kick myself :oops:

I visited a yarn shop yesterday that is out of my area and they had a lovely selection of Noro yarns. I bought four hanks. She had a pretty Noro handbag hanging up and I really loved it. I asked about buying the pattern and she said its in a book. I did not want to buy the book just for the only pattern in it that I would use. Darn…I really liked that handbag. Oh well.

I just got off the phone with the owner of that yarn shop and the book is SIMPLY NORO!! It’s the same book as that handome guy modeling that beautiful sweater. So now I am trying to decide if I really want to spend 18.00 on the book when I really will only make that handbag. Decisions, Decisions. :oops:

ALL of the Noro yarns are my favorite!!!1 Can’t buy enough of them. I started a chevron lace scarf today with one of the thinner weight Noro yarns that I bought yesterday.

Well since I really love the handbag in this Simply Noro book. I called the yarn shop that I talked about above and I told her to put it aside for me along with the Nuro “Blosson” yarn. Its really pretty. If you do a search for the book you’ll see the hand bag there. I’ll see if I can do it here. Its really beautiful in person. I like the flower on the outside too.

that is a beautiful bag! blossom is beautiful yarn! i hope you love it!

Okay, I called another LYS and she had the Simply Noro book for ONLY $12.00 so I ran right out and got it!! :happydance:

Then I came home and ordered the “neutral” colors of the Noro Blossom yarn to use on the handbag. I really had to hold myself back from ordering the more colorful ones but I really want a neutral handbag that I can wear with everything. But those fuchias and hot pinks and brighter colors are usually my first choices. :roflhard: lol