Simple Valentines Day Patterns

Please post your favourite Valentines Day patterns!

Nothing to complicated, something you can give as gifts!

Dishcloth patterns with hearts or anything like that!

Always thought this was cute. Maybe I’ll make some this year and make a sachet. Hmm…

This is cute,too. You could give it with some special soap.

Those are cute, Jan. I have red yarn, maybe I’ll try making some too.

Here’s Olha’s pattern for a heart similar to the ones Jan linked to and seamless.

I would think anything in red or pink yarn would be a big hit around Valentine’s day. Even wrist warmers or fingerless mitts in the right colors might appeal to people. Like these maybe:

And if you’re into amigurumi, there are lots of cute toys on Ravelry that might make some great little gifts for people (these are specifically geared towards Valentine’s, but any amigurumi can be made with some kind of Valentine theme, I would think):

These are cute:

And this is a beautiful scarf, but it’s too time consuming; however, it might could be shortened to a cowl or something that’s quicker:

I got enough to worry about with two birthdays in February… one on 2/13 and the other on 2/16. Fortunately, my girlfriend (who’s the 2/13 birthday) doesn’t care much for Hallmark Holidays. Assuming I can finish it in time, she’ll be getting a cabled scarf (and MAYBE matching hat) to match her cat. At least that was the PLAN. Have you ever tried to find yarn to match a cat?? :hair: Especially one of those cats that’s no specific color… they looked at me like I was crazy at the yarn store. Especially since I didn’t have the cat with me.


It’s really easy to “match the cat” at my house. Any time I put a knitted or crocheted project on the floor (or anywhere else she thinks she’s allowed), she magically appears out of nowhere and assumes it’s her [I]new bed[/I]! Oh boy!

Before long (if I don’t move her, that is) the project is covered in cat hair. Yarn has officially been “matched to cat!” No problem!

You mean there are places in your house where your cat [I]doesn’t[/I] think she’s allowed?? :noway:

(or anywhere else she thinks she’s allowed)

Either you’re deluded or you don’t really have a cat. I know, the cat has you brainwashed. :wink:

My thoughts exactly. :teehee: She probably thinks the cat belongs to her and not the other way around too. Poor dear… :psst:


Oh dear… GG, I think we might have pushed Jan over the edge… :psst:

:teehee: I’ve been owned by cats all my life. They go anywhere they want and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yup. As I was reading the bit about “anywhere she thinks she’s allowed to go” I was imagining Clyde (the cat I was trying to match) even considering that there was some place she WASN’T allowed to go.

Yeah, right! :lol:

Yes, but the poor dear knits so something’s OK. :wink: I think Antares crochets also. Good thing both are therapeutic…ask me how I know. :roflhard:

Has Clyde shared her secret name with you? Then you’ll know you’ve arrived. :woohoo:

I’m not worried about Jan, at least not too much. Anyone who knows who owns whom has her head on the right way. :slight_smile:

Oh yes, Clyde’s secret name is She Who Will Eat Your Face While You Sleep If You Cross Her.

Or something like that.

Don’t feel sorry for me 'cause we either own an atypical cat or I’m an atypical cat owner. She is NOT allowed on certain pieces of furniture, and she’s monitored constantly when indoors, so on said outlawed furniture she does not go. But, really, after the first time of being yelled at, she hasn’t ever tried it again.

Also, she seems to be more willing than most cats to please us. There are certain times when she’s not allowed on the bed, and she complies with that–not happily at first, but compliance in any form is fine with me.

What can I say? I’ve got a cat-dog!

Not that you know about anyway. :evil:

I believe you. My DD had a cat-dog that understood English extremely well. I tried to get hold of him one day to give him a time out in the bathroom per DD’s instructions when he was “bothering” her female cat (both were “fixed”) since that’s what the vet told her was the best way to deal with it…but I digress, anyhow I couldn’t get hold of the cat and finally I said, “Skippy, go to the bathroom.” He did. I never tried to catch him again, just told him to go to the bathroom or wherever. Another time DD was eating Doritos and she decided to let Skippy have one; he ate most of it and was asking for more, she looked down at thim and told him he had to clean up his mess first whereupon he pushed the crumbs under the edge of the couch. I think that after we got done staring at each other open-mouthed since neither of us could believe what just happened, she gave him another chip. Believe it or not, I don’t care, but I was there. Some cats transcend cat-dog status even.