Simple Turtleneck sweater pattern?

I am looking for a simple/easy turtleneck sweater pattern to use to knit my very first sweater EVER!!! I have knit tons of ‘flat’ things - afghans, baby blankets, lap robes, dishcloths…you name it!!! But have never knit something for someone to wear.

I found this pattern online and am wondering if it would be called “simple or easy” for a first attempt at a sweater?!?!?!?

Please let me know what you think AND/OR other suggestions!

Thanks, knitcindy

It shouldn’t be too difficult. You work 4 pieces, then sew them together. The only thing with that type of construction is you have to rely on measuring the pieces to see if it fits as you can’t try it on until you’re finished.

Top down raglans can be tried on as you go and you can adjust them to fit.

I agree… Top down Raglan.

Now, do you have any patterns to recommend? And do top down raglans come in turtleneck styles?? I’ve never heard of these.

When I looked on this site, all the sweater patterns said “Intermediate”. If I wanted to find something online what would I search under?


You can pick up stitches along the cast on edge at the neck and work the turtleneck just like the original pattern.

There are pattern generators at knitting fool and woolworks where you use your gauge and measurements to get a custom pattern. Other sites to find patterns are and

disclaimer…I have not knit any of these.

There are patterns all over the place. Grab you a good hot cup of coco and sit down at the puter and look around.

I would start here

I did a quick search and come up with a few here…

this is a pattern for any yarn, any size.

Heres a pattern that you would have to add the turtleneck to.

Heres a pattern i think that you might want…

Or there are pattern books and magazines that are just LOADED with them.

Come back when you have chosen one and link the pattern in your post so we can see. and help if needed.

good luck

I have this book and think it has good, simple, straightforward patterns in it. The cover is a vest, but it gives options for 3 different necklines (v-neck, crew-neck, turtleneck, cowlneck) and different sleeves (none, regular, bell-shaped). The pattern you found originally is good, too.