Simple Scarf Patterns for Charity!

I have 2 charities that I knit for that are asking for scarves. I have the yarn - mostly worsted from my stash. I just need some simple ideas that look great! I am tired of the same pattern I have been using - while it is a great pattern and knits quickly, it is getting old. Preferably something without yo’s - I find they take up too much time. No cables -I never learned how. That’s it - anything else I am open to!
Yes, I have checked out Raverly and have found a couple patterns, but I thought I would check here as well.

Thanks for the help!!!

I love the One Row Handspun Scarf from Yarn Harlot. It’s simple, fast and looks great when it’s done. Don’t go by just her pictures because it looks beautiful in any yarn. I’ve even used the pattern for dishcloths.

There are over 4600 scarves already made in this pattern on Ravelry so if you are on there take a look.

If not here’s the pattern.

You can also take a look at the Lion Brand website. I just printed a whole BUNCH of scarf patterns from their site this morning!!!

You’ll need to sift thru them all to find the easy ones, but this is a good place to start!!

HTH, knitcindy