Simple items used as knitting supplies

Okay, sometimes I’m cheap. I mean, not when I’m buying yarn… I’ll spend almost anything on really good yarn. And needles. I’ve got myself a healthy Lantern Moon addiction to supplement the whole Knit Picks Options thang…

But sometimes I see knitting notions on the shelves at the LYS store and realize that they’re disturbingly similar to other, cheaper supplies that can be got at the drugstore or Target or similar…

So here are some of my finds:

-Teeny-tiny rubber bands that are made to hold tiny sections of hair for braiding or whatnot make great stitch markers and are also useful for holding sets of straight needles or dpns together, either when not in use or during a project (wrapped around the tips so the stitches don’t slide off).

-Also in the hair aisle: You can buy mini-sized hair clips in packs of a whole bunch for cheap and use them to hold your WIP together for stitching. They come in lots of sizes, depending on your yarn thickness.

-Foam-backed posterboard is great for blocking on ($4-5 each). You can cover it in towels if you’re blocking really wet stuff, and it’s easy to score measuring lines into if you want that. I have four of them, which, set together, make a large enough blocking space for even an afghan. Then they slide behind the bookshelf or whatever for easy storage.

-snack-size ziplocks for holding groups of notions (stitch markers, tapestry needles, what-have-you) in my bigger knitting notions bag – which is one of those free-gift makeup bags from somewhere.

So… anyone else found inexpensive things that work well as knitting notions? Do share!

I use a clicker/counter thingy, I think it is some sort of electrical connection that counts something :roflhard: It is really hard to explain but I’m pretty sure it is electrical. I think I found it when we were moving in my DH tool box. But anyway I use it to count rows. Works great! :woot:

I’ve got a few ideas on my blog:

sock blockers:

circular needle storage:

I bought one of those fold out cardboard cutting board. It’s marked byinches and qrids, etc. I opened up some trash bags to cover it, white ones. I lay the trash bags over the cardboard. This way I can see through it, using the lines on the cutting board. So for about 8 bucks on sale, I have a blocking board. It folds back up in the plastic case it came in, along with the folded up trash bags, and is about an inch wide. It slips into the closet for the next time.

I use a canvas bag I bought from my favorite local Farmer’s Market information booth for $5 a long time ago as my knitting bag. It’s big and has extra pockets inside for little items, extra needles, etc. :slight_smile:

I love those ideas! And I think you just saved me spending about $60 on sock blockers for the family.

I use the plastic tooth brush holder’s to hold my dpn’s. I get the white or clear ones. I use a marker to mark the size on the outside. I have one for each size, works great.
Sm. costmetic bag for my little knitting goodies.

Those are good ideas. I’m new and a bit of a junkie so I’m still looking at all of the “stuff” there is for knitting and wanting it all.

That’s me in a nutshell. When I started knitting again I went hog wild on Ebay buying needles. I have needles and knitting notions galore and want more. I love it!!!

Yeah, but I’m on Unemployment right now! Gotta watch it. I have been being good. I was, anyway, until last night when I ordered bamboo yarn. I got a deal, though!

Have you tried it yet. I am knitting a summer sweater in bamboo yarn and I love it. It is so soft!

I ordered it last night and chose the cheapest shipping, so it will be a few days. I probably won’t start anything with it right away. It’s this in Esquire.

I use:
[li]The little plastic boxes that cough drops (e.g., Sucrets) are sold in to hold a large number of stitch markers.[/li][*]Medication containers to hold blocking T pins, beads, stitch holders. They stay closed.[/ul]

Since I had to buy curtains this year for the house, I saved those wonderful plastic bags with zippers for storing my WIPs. Since we also sell bimini boat tops at our shop and online, I save those large, zippered bags…great for storing large WIPs like afghans and sweaters.

I use all the tins I can find. I also use the plastic boxes that some gum come in. The best one is from my husband. They are a little bottle that his test papers for his diabetic meter. One is for my tee pins and so on all the little things that get lost. :thumbsup:


These are great ideas! Can’t wait to try them out! I can only think of one of mine: I use my pretty flower vases to hold my large needles so I always have a “bouquet” of needles somewhere in the house. I love to look at them!

I have a “bouquet” of needles, too (in a glass pitcher)!

Me too! Although I don’t use the straights anymore. They look nice in my knitting room.

Ooh! We have some Altoids in the house! Must save the Altoids boxes!!!

I am the QUEEN of using zip top bags to store stuff. The sandwich sized one I get come 100ct to box and I reuse them over and over. Plus I keep my DPNs in a zip lock bag. They are sorted by size with some needle minders and the larger ones with rubber bands.