Simple Hats for Christmas

Hello everyone!

My name is Crystal and I’m 30 years old. Been married for 7 and we’re at the “7 year itch” mark. He’s off doing his thing (video games), and I’m off doing mine (watching a lot of TV and sulking).:verysad:

I was going through some depression, and I thought, “This is stupid. Why am I sitting here complaining that he’s not paying attention to me?” So I decided to find something that I really enjoy to occupy my “alone” time. (Eventhough he’s sitting 10 feet from me.) :figureditout:

Anyway, I thought to myself, :think: “I know how to crochet, but I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit…” So I did a search on Google and found this website. :woot:

I tried the whole knitting thing, but it was harder than I thought. :wall:

I wanted to make some hats for family members for Christmas, so I figured, to get them done in time, I’d have to crochet them and try knitting again in the new year… :knitting:

Here is the pattern I used:

And here are some pictures of the hats I’ve made…

All yarn is Red Heart brand, Worsted - Medium weight

[U]Santa Hat[/U]
Main Color: ? (I lost the wrapper. I think it’s 0286 Bronze, but not sure. It’s kind of cranberry/red.)
Brim Color: 311 White

[U]Green Bay Packers Hat[/U]
Main Color: 0368 Paddy Green
Brim Color: 0321 Gold

[U]Pretty Purple Hat[/U]
Main Color: 0784 Bon Bon Print (variegated)
Brim Color: 0776 Dark Orchid

I’m going to start working on another hat soon. This time I think I’ll put a Pompom on the top… :yay:

Happy Holidays everyone!

Those are really nice, great work! I’m still in the process of learning to crochet…I just can’t bring myself to stay away from knitting long enough to learn much in the way of crocheting…lol

LOL, We’re definitely two opposite ends of the spectrum. :roflhard:

My mom taught me how to crochet LONG ago (I think I was like 10 or something when I made my first Potholder.)

I’ve made a few small doilies out of thread, and a tiny afghan for the “double bed” in my daughter’s dollhouse out of fingering weight yarn, among other things…

I’ve tried knitting (search for some of my other posts in the Knitting forums) and just can’t get the hang of it to make a round hat. (I really didn’t want it to have a seam…)

I can do “back and forth” knitting on straight needles just fine. (I can make a potholder/scarf/etc. but round? Nope. I even bought circular needles in various sizes (29" with cord length, though is too long) and Double Pointed Needles too! All to no avail…

Maybe we can give each other pointers! You teach me how to Knit and I’ll teach you how to Crochet! :wink:

My Email address is below if you want to talk offline…

I would agree with you that knitting is good for flat stuff and crochet is better for shaped objects. The hats look really good!

I’m glad you stopped sulking… :slight_smile:

Nice hats! I tried and gave up knitting several times before I finally started getting the hang of it. I’ve found a lot of answers to questions here at this site. Don’t give up. :slight_smile: