Simple Faroese Shawl Pattern

I want a simple faroese shawl pattern that has shoulder shaping and does or does not include a simple lace pattern. It can be all garter stitch. The internet is pretty much closed mouth as far as finding a free pattern or instructions for constructing your own pattern like those sweater formulas you can find. I want a pattern that uses DK or worsted weight yarn. I know I can buy patterns or books, but all the ones I’ve seen are more involved than I care to tackle just now. Can anyone help me?

You are right, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of free info of them. I did find this:

A search at Ralverly turned up about 60 patterns, but only 2 free ones. One the summer lace shawlette at interweave knits, and another by joining a yahoo group.

Thanks Marilyn. I’ve seen both of the items you mentioned. With all the free shawl and wrap patterns on the internet, there must be an interest in these types of garments. It’s just hard for me to understand why there is so little interest in this type of specific shawl.

I ended up buying the Folk Shawls book just for the ones in it.

If you find anything else please share.

Maybe not exactly what you’re looking for, but free.

And one of my favorite sites: knitting pattern central. They have a shawls section - not sure if you’ll find Faroese, but there’s lots to look at.

I think I have seen those patterns on this site?

i take a cotton yarn to match a color in a varigated boucle’, this gives the shawl more body. I use a large needle 15,17, 19.cast on 40 st inc at each end of each row until wrap large enough to tie. garter st works the best… you can also wear across one shoulder/torso and tied at the waist :yay: :woohoo: :blooby:

hope this helps