Simple Baby Sweater with Sportweight Yarn

I have two cousins who each just had babies. Can anyone suggest a SIMPLE!!! pattern for a baby sweater using sportweight? I have about 5 skeins of really beautiful yarn that I’d like to use. Can I substitute sport for baby yarn since they’re both 3-ply?

The pattern has to be simple 'cause I haven’t knitted a sweater in about 20 years (an icelandic on circulars) and not too sure I can still do it. And I’d like to get them done before the kids graduate from high school. Since one of them had a girl and the other a boy, it should be “gender-friendly”. AND the one baby is pretty big (my cousin’s a ex-football player), so premmie patterns are out.

I’ve been all over sites looking for freebie patterns, but everything looks pretty involved.

Lionbrand Sweater
This Coats & Clark pattern is listed as beginner.

Or you could google “knitting patterns” or “free knitting patterns” and get plenty of hits.

Good Luck

That is a darling sweater and really looks like an easy pattern. I’m downloading the pattern myself. Thanks, Ekgheiy!

Thanks for the suggestions.

I like the Coats & Clark pattern. I didn’t check their site before. The lion brand pattern calls for cotton-ease which is worsted weight. Can you substitute sport for worsted? I really liked that pattern because it looks very-y-y easy (and hopefully fast.)

All these different yarns confuse the daylights out of me.

I think you can substittute worsted for sport. But I’d do a test swatch in pattern first to see it the worsted will feel suitable for a baby.

Have fun!

Definitely do the swatch; thanks for the input.

Worsted weight is heavier than sport weight. If you substitute with sport weight you may end up with a doll sweater. :thinking:

Welcome Cheesiesmom!

Look for a pattern that uses the gauge your yarn uses. According to this chart, sports weight is usually knit at 5.5 - 6 sts/inch. If your yarn is too fine for the pattern, try knitting with two strands at once, and see if it can work it at the larger gauge you’re looking for.



That’s what I was afraid of. I don’t want to be knitting Barbie clothes. But I sort of thought the Baby weight and Sport weight would be similar.

Amy, the chart helped. Lionbrand’s site shows substitutions for its yarns, but this one showing the number of stitches is more understandable if you’re not working with any of their yarns.

Thank you, thank you. You’re all so helpful! I have limited time and ability to get around to stores for patterns and yarn and such so I really do depend on the internet for info. This forum is such a blessing. Even the old posts are just filled with helpful hints and good ideas. You’re all such clever girls.