Simna cardigan

I need help with the bottom part of this cardigan:
I can’t work out what I should do in these lines, 1 have 175 stitches

Row 1 (RS) K3, m3,[k5twice,m5] repeat to last 9 sts, K5twice, m3, k3
Row 2 (WS) k6, [Sp5tog, k5] repeat to last 11 sts, Sp5tog,k6

Fairly new to knitting!


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I couldn’t find a pattern called Simna (maybe Simnia?).
Can you give us a link to the pattern?

Check at the beginning of the pattern and at the end for definitions. “M” is usually make one, an increase but see if they tell you specifically what it means or what m3 and m5 mean. The pattern should also define Sp5tog which may be a variation of some sort on purl 5together.

ETA: from the numbers it looks like m3 and m5 are make 3 or 5sts from one stitch. You could use k1,yo,k1 or k1,yo, k1,yo,k1.
K5twice is likely knit the next 5sts, wrapping the yarn twice around the needle and Sp5tog is a purl 5together. These should all be defined in the pattern.
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