Silver's tutorial gone?

I am trying to access Silver’s sock class and my browser is telling me “” could not be found. Ack! Every other website works and I can never remember how to turn a heel! HELP

Hi. I can’t help you with Silver’s site, but Amy has a video showing how to work a heel as well, on this page:

Amy shows you how to turn a heel under advanced techniques. I tried Silver too and I don’t know why her site’s down. But here is a substitutehere

That’s really weird, I just tried too, and I can’t get it to come up either!!!

I got a gateway timeout… :thinking: :??

I got in just fine right now.
Silver’s Sock tutorial

[color=blue]I still get this message: The page cannot be displayed. Curiouser and Curiouser… :thinking:
southern maine

It may just be her hosting service is having a bad hair day. Ours has been down three times today on account of the rains.

I couldn’t see the page either.

Another one who can’t get in. Jan has the magic touch

OMG…I’m in the middle of a sock using her tutorial…plllleeeeesssseeee oh pllleeeeaaassseeee let it be temporary…


ROFL also in the middle of learning a sock with her tutorial! I printed it out on Friday at work but left it there over the weekend. Thank goodness it wasn’t down then! I’ll have to drive back to work now to get the printed copy :rofling:

Edit: OOOH I downloaded it! I have it here if you want cristy PM me an email address and I’ll mail it to you =D

I abbreviated it so that I could print it on index cards–front and back of four cards. I’ll send that to whomever wants it.

I was just there last night and she had a link where you could download a PDF file of her tutorial. I downloaded and saved it. If it’s okay with her, I will be glad to mail you a copy.

Ooops. Sorry. I see someone else has already done this! I didn’t read through all the posts! :smiley:

My webhost was having technical difficulties today… it was down for about 3 hours. But it’s back up now, so get back to those socks!! :slight_smile:

Silver–Isn’t it nice to know you’re in such demand?

Well… you know how it is. Gosh darn it… people like me!

Yes boss! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

thanks for the offers guys…I’m so relieved that the site is back up! My sock knitting is going slow b/c I’m using it as a reward for good behavior (i.e.–if I knit 20 straight minutes on my grandmother’s dreaded shawl then I can knit my socks!!!). I’m headed back to them now though…

We :heart: Silver! I started my first sock this evening. So far so good…thanks to Silver and her tutorial!!! :XX: