Silver's socks question


I’m working on Silver’s socks tutorial (and it’s coming along great! It’s so exciting!) and I just had a question about one of the instructions.

I’m in the gusset shaping part where I’m decreasing every other row, and I’ve been wondering about the method of decreasing on needle #3. Why do you have to slip the two stitches and then put the needle back through them to knit them together? Why can’t you just knit them together like the stitches on needle #1?

Really, I’m asking because getting that needle back into the two stitches is ever alkjfsakljdsflkj. Why do I have to do it this way and will it come out the same if I don’t?



The reason you do to different decreases is that K2 tog is a right slanting decrease and SSK is a left slanting decrease.
If you don’t do SSK (or do K2tog instead), your gussets won’t match and they’ll look strange on the one that should be SSK. :rollseyes: Once you get the hang of it, I think you’ll like SSK. I really do. :thumbsup:
Alternatively, :thinking: you could do S1,k1,psso, or K2togtbl to get your gussets slanting the correct way, or check the decreases page under basic techniques to find another left slanting decrease that you feel more comfortable with.

Good Luck and Happy Knitting :XX: :XX:


P.S. If I got any of that wrong I’m sure Silver or rebecca will correct me.
They’re the real SOCK GURUs. :wink:

Remind me again why SSK is the preferred LS decrease?

New question about the socks!

After I’ve finished all the decreases for the gusset, is it ok to move the stitches around to even out the amount of stitches per needle? Will I have to move then back when I start decreasing for the toes?

Yeah you’d have to move them back for the toes. It’s kinda pointless to shuffle them around. You’ll only be knitting rounds even for a few inches anyway. :thumbsup:

I actually ended up moving them around a little because I was having trouble knitting the last few on needle 2. I’ve made notes though so I can put them back.

This pattern is fantastic, Silver! It’s so exciting to be working on something that actually looks like a sock! I’m totally love making socks now and I’ve been looking up sock yarn online.