Silver's Sock tutorial

I want to knit my first pair of socks using Silver’s Sock tutorial. Can anyone tell me about how much yarn is left over from the 350 yards of sport weight yarn the pattern calls for? I have a ball of Lion Brand Magic Stripes in my stash that is 330 yards. Do I brave it?



[color=indigo]Sure…you can always put different color toes on them! Or shorten the leg. [/color]

Thanks Yarn Lady! I decided to make them ankle socks instead. I prefer ankle socks anyway. It occurred to me that this is probably one of the reasons sock knitting is popular. You can adjust to your preferences…even when its just because you’re short on yarn!

yep, i learned socks from silver’s tutorial and only made about an inch of ribbing. i don’t like long cuffs either. keep us posted on your socks?

[color=indigo]I like socks for that very reason. Although every sock is made up basically the same way, each section can be changed for a different look. I know sweaters can be viewed the same way, but I look up on sweaters (for me anyway) as projects thought of in year(s) of knitting time, and look upon socks in terms of days of knitting time, which is the second reason I like socks. And with a good sock recipie, one can make socks out of any yarn that’s hanging around the house waiting to be used! The single pair below is for my grand daughter (6), and is made from Cascade 220 superwash. The next pic is my Sock Wall of Fame. All the socks I’ve knit since I learned how in February![/color]

i am bumping this back up…will silvers tutorial work for baby socks too? i am getting a large amount of fingering yarn and plan on making socks for me dh and dd, and i am going to use her tut. also, would her tut work on two circs instead of magic loop? i dont have any long enough, but i do have pairs. TIA

[color=indigo]Basic sock construction is the same for any size sock. Just matters what your co number is in matching to the size. Silver has shared this link that gives one all the numbers based on the gauge of the yarn.

Or try searching for specific baby sock patterns.

My favorite baby sock pattern is the North Country Cotton Baby Sock pattern Amy uses in the videos in the Advanced Techniques section. I’ve even done these toe up when I was unsure how much yarn I had. It’s a nice basic (quick) sock pattern.


Thanks for the link…Very cool! :hug:

Well, the socks have gone no where! I messed up and had to frog the cuff. I got busy with yard work so nothing got done. The weather turned cold again so I decided to start the socks again.

The needles hate me today. I am taking a knitting break and will try again when my blood pressure goes back to normal. Once I got going the first time, the DPN’s got much easier. That first round is a bear.

for future reference…could i take silvers toe up tutorial, and instead of making a plain sock, i could take a stitch pattern and apply it to the top of the sock and all the way around? is it that simple :teehee: (can you tell i am a novice?)