Silver's Palindrome scarf

I have a quick question about Silver’s Palindrome scarf. Maybe I need more caffeine, but is the sequence for the cables Row1, Row2, Row3, Row4, Row 5, Row6, Row1, etc. or is the actual sequence Row1, Row2, Row3, Row4, Row5, Row1, Row2? Basically do you do rows 6 and 1 (which are the same) each (thus two identical rows) or do you just do them once. I’m trying to work it out in my brain and it’s hurting! :teehee:


Not sure exactly what you are asking but I am at the end of my Palindrome (might even finish it tonight:woot:) and the pattern is Row1-6 with row 5 being the actual “cable” row. Rows 1,2,3,4,6 are identicle.

So basically just keep doing rows 1-6 over and over, right? So even though 1 and 6 are identical you do them both? Maybe I just need to try it and see if it works out right.

All the rows that aren’t cabled are the same, I think - k2, p2.


Yes, now I know what you are asking!!! Yes, you knit the cable row then end with a K2P2 row and then start the pattern all over. YES you do them both, it’s a six row repeat. Otherwise you would have a shorter cable.

OK, now that I actually started it the pattern makes sense. I figured it out over a bottle of blueberry wine that a friend made. Normally knitting patterns go very bad with wine, but this one worked out much better than planned. (Must get more blueberry wine!)

I’m glad you got it figured out! :slight_smile: Ginny’s right. If it weren’t for that extra row six, the distance between the cables would be shorter… which isn’t a huge deal, but that’s just how I wrote the pattern. :thumbsup:

Thanks Silver! It’s a great swap. I actually started it and frogged it and started it again and frogged it. I just didn’t have the right yarn. I still want to make it and am going to the store today to look for some better yarn to work it. The stuff I had just pooled too weirdly and it wasn’t as soft and scruncy as I wanted it to be.

Mine came out GREAT, if I ever have q minute when I’m note at work or in class or riding the ambualnce I’ll post a picture (and THAT may not happen til december:whoosh:).

I made it in a green/blue malibrigo and now it’s on to the hat!