Silver's magic loop socks with finger weight yarn

Ok I’ve never done magic loop socks, I’ve never done two at a time and I’ve never done toe up! LOL so. I’m am looking to see if anyone has the numbers for fingerweight yarn since hers was done in DK weight I believe.

Since this is all new to me, I don’t want to be guessing what I should be doing!




Still waiting for some insight from the master minds of knitting!


I am not exactly sure but I would have thought that you measure the circumference of your leg/ankle depending of how high you want the sock so go. do a swatch with the needles you are going to use and find out how many stitches to the inch and calculate from there. That is what I would do, not sure if that is the right way though.

Could you use the numbers from the one-toe up sock on two circs and just do two on magic loop instead?

Oh, sure! If you can knit one sock on 2 circs – even toe up – then you can knit that same sock and its mate using magic loop.

If you’ve never done magic loop, there is a video on this site that shows you how it works.

Good Luck and Have Fun! :thumbsup:

Ya know looking at the 1 sock on 2 circular for the finger weight yarn would be too logical. Ok I’ll blame it on the fact I’m pregnant? Ok that probably doesn’t sound good. Or maybe I’m truly a blonde. Thank you ladies for taking the time to help me out. :hug: :aww:


Can’t you take any sock pattern that works for your sock yarn and apply that info to Silver’s tutorial? ie, if your sock yarn needs you to cast on 72 stitches - look at the cast on for the tutorial, say it’s 50, and you put half the stitches on one side of the needle and half on the other. Take your 72 sts and divide in half, etc, etc, etc…

For your first time, you’ll probably want a plain sock, no stitch pattern just stockinette (depending on how adverturous you might be…)

does that make sense?

All you really need to do is cast on 8-12 sts on either needle (16-24 total) do your increases every other row and stop to try the toe on over yours…that will give you a perfect fit. That said, in fingering I find the number to be 54-64 sts depending on the exact yarn and gauge.