Silver socks

Here are the finished products! Made these using the Silver Sock Tutorial and KP Andean Treasure in Embers. Took me 18 days, guess I am not ready for Sock Wars yet!!

:cheering: You did a wonderful job!

Great job! Those look really comfy.

Yay, socks!! I used sil’s tutorial for my first socks, too! So, did you catch the bug? Will you be making more?

:cheering: Most excellent, WTG :cheering:

Thanks for the positive reinforcement :muah: I needed that!

Sure I will be knitting more, Gimme! I liked it better than using 2 circs. But right now I’m pushing to finish this hat, then hoping the yarn for my oldest daughter’s afghan gets here so I can get cracking. I tend to be rather ssslllooowwww so I wanna make sure its done by Christmas.


Ooh… alpaca socks… how luxurious! :drool:

Yes, they’re luscious! I wonder how they will wear, if they’ll wear out sooner than wool. But the silver tutorial had me knitting them with the thicker area over the heel, so that’s good! I saw someone visiting our knitting group from NY who knew how to use that slip stitch method wheever she wanted, and she reinforced a larger area with it. Haven’t figured that out yet!

beautiful color!! :D…Silver’s Sock Class is the best!!! :smiley: :smiley: i did my sock with it too! :smiley:
Good job!! :cheering: