Silver Socks tutorial (heel question)

I just finished knitting the heal flap and am on step 6 at the moment,

I am a bit confused where it says to “Purl 2 stitches beyond center” what does that mean???

tears hair out

"purl to 2 stitches beyond center. (purl 18 14 12 stitches.) "

The heel flap will be 32, 24, or 20 stitches depending on your yarn weight. The center would be 16, 12 or 10 sts, two stiches beyond that is 18, 14, or 12 sts.

HTH! :slight_smile:

errr… :pout: I’m using fingerling weight so i’m at my 32nd row… If you do n’t mind explaining it in simplier terms… :verysad:

Purl 18 stitches.
Then continue the directions.

18 sts is 2 stitches beyond center. Half of 32 is 16. 2 more stitches is 18.

ohh wow great :notworthy:

Wow! You have just answered my question too. I have 22 stitches (total of 44) on my circular (magic loop) and didn’t understand my instructions because we used a smaller yarn on those instructions. Thanks so much. Also, can you instruct me on how to find a video on doing toe up socks on the Magic Loop…so when I go to sleep and someone hits control-alt delete on my brain, I will have it to refer to. Taking classes every month on this sock heel is expensive! I found your site but couldn’t figure out how to find the video I read about. Also, how do I see responses to my questions?