Silver, or other Floridians, have a yarn question for you

My dd’s best friend just had her first baby. I could have sworn dd told me she wasn’t due for another month, but apparently I got the dates wrong. :oops:

Anyway, Queeny, who lives in Florida, had a baby girl yesterday. I know it will be a bit late, but I want to knit her a blanket, or maybe a hat and booties (still trying to decide). Would you please suggest some good yarns, suitable for a baby and the weather there? I’d be most appreciative. :smiley:

I’m actually interested in this too! I have a year old neice that is super cute that I’d love to knit for but I’m worried it all might be too hot for her in Florida!

I would think that any cottons would be appreciated. I think the weather here is probably similar to florida, and I am planning on making some baby hats for my cousin’s daughter out of Bernat Cotton Tots that would be useful in “winter” (anything below 60 degrees). I’d bet Shine or Crayon from knit picks would be good choices too. Knit Picks had a sample baby blanket made from Crayon in their catalog and it looked nice and snuggly!

Hmm…I really like the look of the Crayon. I’m getting ready to order from KnitPicks, anyway. At least by ordering it from them I wouldn’t have to pay shipping (since I’ll be getting more than $30 worth). I’d have to also order the Bernat’s Cotton Tots if I used it, since all we have here is Wal-Mart, which would mean extra shipping charges.

I wonder how much I’d need of the Crayon? :??

Cotton would be better than anything else if you’re going to make it now. But, something in wool or a warmer yarn would be fine, so long as you anticipate the baby’s size this winter. It does actually get cold here. And despite what many people think, even the 50s are COLD when you factor in 75+% humidity. I had some friends visit from up north and they couldn’t believe how cold it felt when it was only 50 degrees. During winter, temps will drop into the 20s, and very occasionally the teens or single digits. But the cold stuff only lasts a few weeks. The rest of the year is hot.

Here in Florida, we have 3 seasons. Summer, Almost Summer, and Hurricane. :wink:

Okay, thanks! I’ll have to decide if I think I can get it made fairly quickly, and go cotton; or if I think it’s going to take me awhile, and go wool. I think I’ll go cotton, though. I’ve really been wanting to try Crayon, and this would be a good opportunity.

Yeah, I guess it can get cold here in the south. It did snow in Houston last year! So wool or a wool blend would be nice for later. Rennagayle, aren’t you kind of in a warm climate? You can’t be that far from me (though TX is pretty darn huge).

Texas is a big state. :thumbsup:

I know how I’d make it for our climate, but I just wasn’t sure how the climate is in Florida, never having been there. I wasn’t sure if they got winters, too, or not. :??

Mer, I’m in the northeast corner of the state. It is very hot and humid here, though I’ve always heard that it’s even worse in Houston. Of course, you do have the ocean, which should be a bit of a trade-off, wheras we have…well, we actually have squat! :?eyebrow:

We have almost exactly the same weather here as my family that lives in Fla, in DeLand, which is about 25 miles inland from Daytona…it does get cold, as well! Not cold like Montana or something, but cold like I’ve been there when it was 25 degrees as it was here, it just doesn’t stay that cold for long periods…thank you, God!!
FYI, Ren, I’m working with the Crayon now…it’s just too cute for a child (meaning that it will be adorable on a child :wink: ), I’m doing some things for my 2 yr old granddaughter :inlove:, Allysa…you can see her here, she’s too cute, if I say so myself :smiley:

Allysa is indeed a little cutie pie, Rebecca! :thumbsup:

I’m closer to the mid-central part of Florida and it get’s pretty sticky here. I live right on the west coast of Florida, though, so we get a nice sea breeze… but the further inland you go, the more it feels like a nasty steamy jungle… bleh

I would have to agree about the cotton. I would also suggest maybe a cotton rayon blend or something that has drape, rather than being clingy and stretchy. If the fabric clings to your skin, it doesn’t matter what it’s made of, you will feel miserable, here. That’s excluding your various tank tops and such. Why not make the baby a cute little sundress? That way she could wear it now. Maybe with a cute little pair of bloomers.

As far as winter goes, even down here, near Tampa, we get ground freezing every winter. The closer you are to the city, the less you see it… but in the outskirts and countryside, it can get REALLY cold… enough to freeze our citrus and strawberries.

I’ve purchased Cotton Tots at Walmart. That was awhile ago though, and I’m in IL, so I don’t know if that info is helpful or not.

Why not make the baby a cute little sundress? That way she could wear it now. Maybe with a cute little pair of bloomers.

Thanks for the insight, Aby, but I assure you, I am not at the dress, or even bloomers, knitting ability stage yet! :rollseyes:

Kimmie, our Wal-Mart doesn’t carry Cotton Tots. In fact, they don’t carry anything but 100% acrylic yarns. :?eyebrow:

I think simple tank dresses are pretty easy. You knit the top and then sew it to the fabric skirt of your choice and VIOLA’… and bloomers… well you could knit a rectangle, seam up the sides, save the leg holes, and you’re finished… Maybe lace in a pretty ribbon around the waist for cinching…

Just an idea. If you aren’t comfortable doing that, it’s understandable. Knitting gets so much easier as you progress forward. I used to think hats were impossible, back when I was knitting scarves. I was surprised at just how much I had learned, without realizing it.

I’m sure whatever you make her, will be special and beautiful. I can’t wait to see the pics. :thumbsup:

I’m still in that stage of finding hats challenging, finally having mastered scarves. :wink: I can learn just about anything that I can “see” done, but I find it next to impossible to learn anything I’ve not seen done. :wall: I look forward to the day when I can make more challenging garments. I’m assuming it will surely come some day. :shock:

Ren, I don’t know exactly what you are looking for as far as hats go, but I use this with ALL of my hat projects, it took me a :doh: couple of reads before it sunk in…lol!
I googled and found another

Decide how large around you would like your hat to be (about 20" - 22" for an adult head). Subtract 1" from this for a loose fit, 2" for a snug fit. This number is “B” in the formula.

That’s from the first link you gave, Rebecca. I wonder how big around a new baby’s head is? :??

According to this it’s 15"; check it out…very helpful :wink:

And Hildie claims to be the genious! :mrgreen: Is there anything you DON’T know, Rebecca? :rofling: