Silver-are you out there? Photo resize?!

Silver, I hope you are reading this because I need help!:hair: At the top of the What are you knitting thread, you posted a site where we could go and resize our photos. I have tried it three times and I can’t get it to work. Artlady has been trying her best to help me also, but nothing is working. I have been to Flikr, Shutterfly, Picasa and I cannot resize a photo to save my soul!:wall:
Can you tell me how I can put a picture of the sweater I knitted for my new granddaughter up before she is in college? :roflhard: Or SOMEBODY!:waah: help!


You can download a free program called Irfanview and resize it with that. :slight_smile: Google it, you’ll get the site. It’s a great program.

Here you go!
Resize Photos
Shrink Pictures Online
Resize to Mail
Picasa (free software)

Just try to keep them no larger than 800 pixels on the longest side. The forum software resizes photos, but it doesn’t affect file size. Members with small monitors or slow dial up connections may have trouble viewing them. Plus the larger ones tend to skew the forum after viewing even though they are resized. :hug:

In Picasa you put the picture you want to resize in the box at the bottom of page and then click on the HOLD button next to the box.Then go to the right and click on the export button and a box will pop up so you can resize your picture.Make sure you can find where you put your resized picture.I always add resized to the folder so I know where it’s at.Hope this helps